20–22 April 2022

(BIMAC 2022)

BIMAC 2022 is organized within the framework of the BIM-ICE Project (https://bim-ice.com/), funded by the CBC Program “South-East Finland-Russia 2014-2020” grant

BIMAC 2022 Conference Program

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Venue and participants

Venue: Online 

BIMAC 2022 Conference aims to provide a forum for discussion, experience exchange among professional BIM community. The key focus of BIMAC 2022 is implementing advanced BIM technologies into practice and research activities in construction and architecture. Participation in BIMAC 2022 conference will be especially beneficial for practitioners in the field of building design and construction; representatives of construction companies; researchers and academic community.

Organizing Fees

Participation in the conference for international speakers and authors is free of charge.

For BIMAC 2022 participants

1. Please, fill in the preliminary registration form: For speakers and manuscript authors – registration closes on February 18, 2022; for attendees – registration closes on April 18, 2022.
2. For authors – please, send manuscript text to e-mail: bim.conf.spbgasu@gmail.com (till February 18, 2022).

BIMAC 2022 scope and tasks

BIMAC 2022 Conference aims to provide an ideal interdisciplinary platform to share current developments in BIM technologies in relation to the tasks of the construction profile, design and operation of buildings, as well as education, regulatory framework and economic aspects of the issue.


BIMAC 2022 key focus

1. Enhancing BIM developments for architecture and construction solutions.
2. Providing a unique forum for BIMAC 2022 participants to present the latest research findings and establish contacts.
3. BIMAC 2022 seeks to enable the interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge and bring together representatives of academic, scientific and business community.


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Conference archive

Conference site April 21-23, 2021: 2021

Conference site October 28-30, 2020: 2020
Conference site May 15-17, 2019: 2019
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Additional Information

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Our partners

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Evgeny Rybnov

Chair (Russia)

Evgeny Korolev

Deputy Chair (Russia)

Alexey Semenov

Deputy Chair (Russia)

Timo Lehtoviita


Гинзбург Александр Витальевич

Alexander Ginzburg


Захарова Галина Борисовна

Galina Zakharova


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Boyan Georgiev

Boyan Georgiev


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Mähner

Dietmar Mähner


Семенов Виталий Адольфович

Vitaliy Semenov


Суханова Инна Ивановна

Inna Suhanova


Ludmila Moskalenko

Conference Secretary(Russia)


Evgeniy Rybnov (SPbGASU)


Deputy Chair:
Evgeny Korolev (SPbGASU)
Alexey Semenov (SPbGASU)


Organizing Committee Members:
Sergey Bovteev (SPbGASU)
Igor Evsikov (SPbGASU)
Galina Zakharova (UrGAHU)
Sergey Lan’ko (SPbGASU)
Timo Lehtoviita (Finland)
Denis Nizhegorodtsev (SPbGASU)
Iurii Stolbikhin (SPbGASU)
Kirill Sukhanov (SPbGASU)
Inna Sukhanova (SPbGASU)

Conference Secretary:
Lyudmila Moskalenko (SPbGASU)


Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering 4, 2nd Krasnoarmeiskaya st., Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 190005


Department of Computer Science, 203С.

+7(812) 575-05-49